What is Slicker.it!

If you don’t want to get one of those awful looking and bulky waterproof cases to protect your devices from getting wet, the Slicker.it! is THE water & dust protection for you.

Slicker.it! protects inside and out with microscopic nano technology that adheres to the entire surface with no texture change to the device, so there is no way for water or dust to cause any damage.

What is this ‘IP67 Rating’?

The IP67 is a worldwide standard defining how much dust and liquid a device can withstand before it might start to fail. If you Slicker.it!, the device can withstand rain, splashing and accidental submersion and do no harm. That is pretty cool right?

If your “inner geek” wants in on the details, click here.

I’ve heard about sprays that don’t work, what is different about Slicker.it!?

We’ve heard about those sprays too and believed this was an essential service for people who want to keep their phones in mint condition and protect from inevitable water accidents. We branded this Slicker.it! due to it being tested a million times and perfected as an application process where others have failed. We are confident about it being a “slick” service that delivers on our protection promise.

Doesn’t my phone already have an IP67 rating?

Some new devices to have the IP67 protection included, like Apple’s iWatch and the latest Galaxy S7 device. A majority of devices don’t have this baseline protection AND it’s important to note that no warranty protects against water damage. Check the website of the company who made your device and see if they mention that IP67 rating of Slicker.it!. If they don’t mention it anywhere, and you love your device, come see us with your phones and tablets!

After I have Slicker.it! can I do with my phone or tablet that I couldn’t before?

Slicker.it! provides peace of mind! Imagine a nice sunny day and you sit on a boat and water splashes over the bow onto your device.!

Or while watching a movie while taking a bath, you accidently drop it.!

FAQ - Consumer

Maybe you are cooking with a great glass of wine and the water overflows from a dish?!
If you Slicker your device, it can withstand rain, splashing and accidental submersion and not harm

your device. Basically, you’ve protected your device from you.

What is “Slicker”? Can I still touch and hold the phone or do I need gloves?

Good question. Slicker is a superhydrophobic coating that provides a nanoscopic surface layer that repels water. It has been tested and certified to be environmentally safe and does not change the safety of your phone other than to make it water resistant. Nothing changes except for your peace of mind and perhaps you may strut with more confidence.

How long does Slicker.it work?

Slicker.it annually and you will be protected to the max! If you sell or give your phone or tablet to someone else, you tell them it’s been Slickered and to keep the Slicker.it! app installed to know when to do it again.

Will Slicker.it! void the device warranty?

No! However, opening your device normally voids your warranty. Guess what... we don’t need to open it to Slicker it! In other words, your warranty is what it already was (do you even know?), but you’ve increased your protection.

I love playing Candy Crush and listen to music. Will Slicker.it! effect the performance and/or functionality of my device?

Seriously? We love Candy Crush too. No worries. We have Slickered every phone and tablet (from the last two years) and they work as normal. Slicker.it! will not enhance your “gaming” skills. Sorry!

OK, so if I Slicker.it!, can I take it swimming?

No. Even though you can technically immerse your device in water with a depth of up to 1 meter (or 3.2ft) for up to 30 minutes, we do not advise you take your devices swimming with you.

Should I back-up my device before I Slicker.it!?

So far none of the devices we tested have had any failures relating to data storage. It’s always wise to back-up your device before doing anything new to it.

How long does the whole process take?

Can you count to 900? 15 minutes and you are good to go.