CARE TIPS! does not protect your device from damage in extreme or repeat exposure to liquid incidents. It only increases the likelihood of survival if the incident is brief (ie. messaging in the rain, a quick dunk in a sink or toilet, coffee spilling). applies a preventative nano-coating designed to protect your phone and tablets from damage in the event of brief accidental liquid exposure. We assume no responsibility for any liquid damages to your device, as we have no knowledge if you are using the device according to our expressed terms.

When Accidents Happen


  1. Remove device from water. The longer your phone spends submerged, the greater chance of damage.

  2. Don’t press any buttons. Pressing a button on your device can let water penetrate the interior wire connecting the button to the internal circuitry of the device, greatly increasing your risk of damage.

  3. Dry the outside of the phone off. Use Qtips to dry button areas, headphone jacks and charging ports.

  4. Power down.

  5. ​Remove the internal components - battery, SIM card, and/or microSD card. Dry them off completely and place on a dry towel.

  6. Gently shake the device to remove as much water from the inside of the device.

  7. If available, place in a ziplock bag with desiccants (you may have some packets in shoe boxes) for 24 hours.